Saturday, September 13, 2014

Editing My Blog and Instagram Photos

Hello guys! Today I am going to share with you my photo editing process for my blog and Instagram photos. When taking my photos, I am using my iPhone 4 or my Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. I use several apps and websites to get the final product so check it out below to see how I edit. 


 Photo taken with Canon Powershot on Handheld Night Scene Setting

After Using PicMonkey

To edit the photo above I did the following steps:

1//Auto Adjust under Basic Edits
2//Adjust Boost to 20% under Effects
3//Adjust Orton Bloom to 11%
4//I kept Tranquil at the default setting 30%

Every time I edit a photo I use a different process within PicMonkey. But here are the steps I use often:

First Under Basic Edits

1//Auto Adjust or Exposure & adjust Brightness, Highlights and/or Shadows
2//Sometimes I Sharpen the image if I want something in the photo to look more detailed

Then Under Effects

1//I usually use Orton and adjust the Bloom to a smaller percentage because I don't like the photo to seem too blurry.
2//My favorite filters to use are Cross Process and Tranquil.
3//Sometimes I use the Boost effect but I usually keep the setting between 10 and 20 percent.

For Instagram, I usually use a photo right from my blog that is already edited with PicMonkey but if I am editing a photo straight from my photo, I use apps from my iPhone. To make my skin appear smoother I use moreBeaute2

I love to use VSCOcam to filter my photos. My favorite filters are C1, F2, G3, and T1. I also edit the filters on the editing page after I put the filter on the photo. However, I did not use the editing page but I did use C1 for the example below.

To create the white background and borders for my photos I like to use Whitagram and Squaready. If I want the photo to be fixed, I use Whitagram. A plus for Whitagram is it has a built in editor.

But if I want to be able to crop a photo into a square, a fixed photo or if I want to move the photo around and put it anywhere I want, I use Squaready

I am able to edit the color in both apps but Squaready plus is it has a larger selection of colors.

For extra effects, I use LINE Camera, Shaplus and #SymbolGram. When I want to use collages, my favorite apps are FrameMagic Lite, InstaCollage Pro and TwinCollage.

Also to edit my videos, I use SquareadyV, Chromic, and AvFx.

What are the apps you use to edit your photos? Leave your IG handle in my comments so I can check out your account!

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